What Is A Vacuum Breaker For Shampoo Bowls? Difference between Inline and Top Mount Breakers

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If you are looking to purchase new shampoo chairs for your salon or want to update your existing shampoo units, you need to consider the vacuum breaker, which is a very important component. It’s likely that you have heard of this item but also likely that you are not entirely sure of what it is or that there are multiple types available.

A vacuum breaker is what keeps the dirty water out of the fresh water in a shampoo unit, and this is why they are so important for hair salons and barbershops. Additionally, this component prevents contaminated water from entering the municipal or city water line, so it is not only extremely important but a necessity as well. Most cities require a vacuum breaker to be present in shampoo chairs and even if your city does not, it is recommended that you have one installed for safety reasons.

There are two basic types of vacuum breakers available in the market, including a top mount vacuum breaker and an inline vacuum breaker. A top mount breaker is installed on top of the sink, usually right next to the hose, and the inline breaker is installed underneath the sink to serve as a connection bit between the faucet line and the hose. Their functions are similar, however, each salon will have their own preferences, so you will get to choose the type that is best for you. You need to keep in mind that top mount vacuum breakers require that the sink come with the existing mounting holes in place so that it can be properly installed. If the sink does not have these holes, you would have to have new insertion points drilled out and this may not always be a possibility because of the shape of the bowl.

Inline breakers are convenient because they go underneath, so they will come in handy because they can be connected to most types of shampoo sinks. This means that you would be able to install your vacuum breaker regardless of the shape or design of your shampoo bowl. Inline breakers are also less expensive than top mount breakers, so if you are looking for the affordable option, inline breakers would be the answer.

Both options are great and will serve the same function, so you need to consider other factors like the cost and convenience aspects mentioned above. Knowing your preferences will help with your decisions when looking for new shampoo units and basins.

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