Massage Table Maintenance

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A massage table is an indispensable addition to your massage career. When you invest in a great massage table, your ability to practice what you love can be seriously elevated. Remember though, like anything, taking good care of your table is a must. Proper maintenance is an essential step to keeping your business successful and making sure your equipment lasts as long as possible. Follow these five expert steps and keep your table longer.

Use a Barrier on Your Table

Place something like a towel or sheet down underneath your client to provide a barrier. This way, you reduce direct friction and limit the number of substances like oil or lotion that could directly damage the table. Not only is this a good idea for your table, but it might be more sanitary and comfortable for your clients.

Clean the Upholstery

Even with a barrier, it is a good idea to clean your massage table. Cleaning the table prevents germs from collecting on the table. Just be sure you know which products can be used to clean your specific table material. Using the wrong cleaning products can rapidly deteriorate the upholstery.

Don’t Expose Your Bed to Extreme Conditions

Massage beds should be used and stored in relatively mild and dry conditions. When exposed to very cold conditions, the bed may crack and wear quickly. Extremely hot conditions can warp the material and eventually render the bed unusable. Humid conditions can also add undue wear to the table.

Store Your Table Properly

When your table is not in use, rather than leaving it fully expanded, try storing it off to the side. You can store your table off to the side away from sharp objects, or even better, store it in its protective carrying case. If you do not want to store your table in its case, place a protective layer over top of it and keep it in a location where temperatures are not extreme. Never store your table in a car; temperatures can get extreme very quickly.

Use the Travelling Case when You Travel with the Table

Your massage table comes with a travel case for a reason. When travelling, it can be difficult to protect your massage table without the carrying case. With even one small rip, you run the risk of irreversible internal damages.

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