What To Look For When Buying Barber Chair Supplies

Barber Chair

Are you looking into purchasing new barber chair supplies, or an entirely new set of barber chairs? There is no denying they have improved greatly over the years, particularly in the last decade or so, with now being a great time to buy.

Nowadays, they are an extremely comfortable and versatile tool, especially if you know what to look for when buying. Knowing the key components of a barber chair and the areas to invest in, is therefore crucial in making the right decision for your business.

Here are some of the most critical components to look out for, ensuring you find the right one for your salon or barbershop.

Adjustable chair height

In the olden days, barber chairs would have been a fixed seat height, with no ability to move up or down. Now, there are a number of models that help greatly to raise or lower the client, ensuring the barber can put them at the right height for the job.

This helps achieve more accurate and refined haircuts, making it an essential attribute when purchasing barber chair supplies.

360 Degree movement

While the chair height is one important aspect of a barber chair, having 360 degrees of movement is another vital component. This makes it quick and easy to move the client to whichever position you require. The vast majority of barber chair supplies offer this feature, with it being seen as a prerequisite for anyone buying a new chair.

Comfortable and changeable headrest

As anyone will know who has sat in a barber chair without a comfortable headrest, it can make for a very long and arduous time.

Especially if you are having other services performed as well as a haircut, such as a scalp massage or a shave, having a comfortable rest for your client’s head is highly beneficial. This is one area of barber chair supplies that can turn a one-off client into a frequent customer.

Recommended manufacturer and supplier

The barber chair supplies that you purchase is only as good as the manufacturer and supplier that you choose. As a result, ensuring you are purchasing from a reliable source and opting for high-quality products, will allow you to obtain the right barber chair supplies to benefit your business.