Interior Design Ideas for Your Salon

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Salons, whether it is a hair salon, a beauty salon or both, are popping up all over the world because of the increased popularity and the rise of beauty trends. Because beauty is all about the exterior of the person, it should make sense that your salon should reflect that as well. If your salon is not impeccable in its decorations, it can translate to the idea that you yourself won’t be impeccable when conducting beauty routines. Creating an eye-catching yet classic interior decorating theme can help make your salon a one-of-a-kind space that will encourage people to come back again.

Here are a series of tips and ideas that can help turn your salon into a creative space with inspiring décor details.

  • Don’t be afraid of color

While minimalism is growing in popularity and seems to be here to stay, don’t be afraid to use any colour when decorating your salon. Bright colours can be the factor that can make your salon stand out among the modern spaces that are popping up. If you don’t want to experiment with bold wall hues, think about doing splashes of colour here and there with bright light fixtures or colourful artwork.

  • Re-use old equipment

This is a great way to add a more vintage, yet playful vibe to your salon. Old styling tools do not have to end up in the garbage, find a use for them! With a bit of time and spray paint, these styling tools can be used as a quirky way for wall art of creative lighting fixtures.

  • Think about the outdoor space

If you want people to see the inside of your salon, you must also decorate the outside of it to draw people in. You can get creative with colourful window displays or a funky chalkboard sidewalk sign to grab any passerby’s attention and therefore increase walk-ins.

  • Repurpose your furniture

Stray from using just the typical furniture found in salons, and come up with more eccentric ways to use functional items. One example is using an industrial toolbox (painted or otherwise) to hold all your styling tools or products.

  • Be creative with pieces

Finding and/or creating one-of-a-kind pieces can help make your salon truly stand out. Use unthinkable pieces and repurpose them for something that is attention-catching. The sky is the limit with the creativity here, just be sure that it is has a purpose.

  • Display your supplies in a unique way

Make everything physically available such as magazines, tools, hair products and more by displaying it creatively in a way that makes the space functional as well as aesthetically appealing. Maybe use a mock newsstand to display magazines, or hang colour tubes on a clothing line for easy access.

  • Look for easy updates

If you are on a budget, know that a salon makeover doesn’t have to be a huge renovation. You can do little aspects such as wallpapers, artwork and new lighting fixtures to freshen up the place and to stay on top of the interior decorating trends.

  • Use simple yet clever artwork

Use quirky and inexpensive wall decals or posters to add some visual stimuli and to add a refreshing update to your salon space.

  • Make sure your spaces are cohesive

Make sure that all spaces are decorated – this includes the washrooms – anything that the client may see at one point during their visit. Make it inconsistent theme with your salon’s décor to add a classic touch.

  • Try to create some privacy

Everyone wants to feel exclusive at a salon and you can achieve that by giving every station a sense of privacy using plants, dividers, sheer curtains and more.

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