Important Factors To Consider While Designing Your Dream Beauty Salon

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Are you thinking about opening a new beauty salon or renovating your current one?

Optimizing the available space while creating the perfect look can seem daunting at first. After all, you want your salon to look good, so customers would want to come in! An attractive and welcoming interior design will make your clients feel at ease and wish to return. So, where should you start? Here are some essential factors to consider while designing your dream beauty salon!

The Workspace
While more working stations means more opportunities to generate revenue for your salon, overcrowding can make the space feel cramped and easily lead to accidents. Before you begin designing, measure the length and width of the room and keep those figures in mind. Make sure to:

  • Allow enough workspace so technicians and clients can move around easily
  • Group similar equipment together
  • Include a waiting area
  • Consider an island design if you want to fit more clients in a tight space

When scouring the internet for inspiration, keep in mind that every salon varies in size and shape. What looks good in one salon might feel out of place in another!

The Colour Scheme
Try to pick a colour scheme of two or three colours for your salon and stick to them for furnishings, frames, walls, equipment, uniform, etc. These colours should complement each other to keep the salon looking cohesive and pleasing to the eye. We also suggest using darker upholstery that is stain-friendly!

The Furniture
When choosing furniture, remember to stick to the theme and colours you have selected for your salon. You may want to visit a salon furniture supplier to see the furniture in real life before purchase. Many suppliers also provide a planning design service with refundable fees if you purchase from them. Take full advantage of these! A trained salon planner may open your eyes and spot things that you’ve missed.

The Reception Area
Your reception area is the first thing a client sees when they walk into the salon, so make sure to plan it well! Here are some tips for effective reception design:

  • Use varied floor levels to distinguish different areas
  • Have storage space or a system to hide clutter- think about how to conceal the mess you may have behind the reception desk!
  • Keep your retail products in an area where clients can handle them freely rather than behind the desk to encourage browsing

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