How to Select the Perfect Shampoo Sink Unit for a Salon?

Owning a hair salon is not easy because in addition to exceptional skills and service, you need to offer clients the perfect setting to ensure they come back. Your work environment is extremely important because it is a reflection of your business and will show customers how much or how little you care. 

Hair salons must be equipped with a number of items, including hair products and comfortable chairs, so that clients can enjoy their experience. Shampoo units are where customers will sit to have their hair washed and in order for it to be suitable for a salon, the unit must be perfect. If a client feels uncomfortable with this aspect, they may not return, so if you want to run a successful salon, you must invest in quality items that will improve your business, attract new clients and keep the ones you already have. 

Almost every customer will need to get their hair washed, so you need a unit that will last. If you want to select the perfect one and make the right investment, consider the following aspects:

The style of your salon

Your units should complement the ambiance and style of your salon to create an appealing flow. Take a look at all of the options that are available and select the one that best suits your salon to create an atmosphere both your stylists and clients will love.


Some washing units are larger than others because you have the option of selecting one with or without a mirror and this will affect the size so be mindful of your space and the amount of room you have in your salon so that you can make the right choice. Most of the stations come with a backwash station and chair but other features are optional so measure your space before you make your selection.


Customer satisfaction is a must and in order for them to enjoy the experience of getting their hair washed, they must be comfortable in your salon. Stylists also need to be comfortable so they can work properly, which is why reclining and adjustable units are ideal. Neck cushions also make a big difference and customers will appreciate this aspect while they are being pampered.


Select shampoo units that are easy to clean so that you can maintain a hygienic environment. Stain resistant ceramic shampoo bowls with large openings for plumbing purposes make the cleaning process easy. Glossy and wide angle bowls are also a great choice.

Temperature controls

Energy saving features and temperature control will help with the efficiency of your salon while helping you provide customers with their desired settings. 

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