How to Purchase the Right Massage Table

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A massage table is an important investment for a professional massage therapist, whether you are starting out or been in the field for a while. It compliments your skills as a professional allowing the best experiences to your clients. But selecting one is neither easy nor cheap. Good quality massage tables from a well-known manufacturer or brand can cost a lot. Although you can claim it as a business expense, it still adds to costs. Inexpensive varieties may not match up in quality. Check out these tips to make an informed choice.

Tips to Choose the Right Massage Table

The ultimate aim of your massage table is to allow an effective massage that keeps the comfort of both the therapist and the client in mind. It is a decisive component in the success of the session. Start with the clients you will be catering to. Think of the environment it is for, the services to be offered and whether it needs to be fixed, hydraulic or portable.

Fixed, Portable or Hydraulic Tables

Consider the purpose of your services. Will you be focusing on home visits or working at one location? Choose from fixed, hydraulic and portable table accordingly.

  • Portable: For out-calls and home visits, you will need lightweight, foldable, portable options to allow you to carry the table in and out of your vehicle, up and down stairs. Make sure the width is not too narrow and they are equipped with high-density foam padding. Thick padding holds up well for longer. The height should come up to an average person’s hip.
  • Hydraulic: If your clients such as bodybuilders or aged seniors who need more space, look for hydraulic tables with arm extensions to ensure greater comfort and support. An adjustable face cradle is also a preferable option. A comfortable face cradle makes a big difference in the overall level of massage comfort. Hydraulic tables allow room for adjustment during the massage. They are perfect for spa settings because they allow height variation to match client needs.
  • Fixed: Fixed tables are typically more expensive because they are wider, well-constructed high-density foam padding to allow greater comfort. Make sure the surface has an easy to clean surface such as vinyl. Padding has many variants from lightweight to firm and plush. Base your decision on your client’s requirements. Sports massage therapy will require a strong, firm surface while prenatal massage will require softer, thicker padding.


While the cost of the table is an important consideration, let it not be the decisive factor. Choosing a massage table based on low costs will be setting yourself up for disaster. If the table is poorly constructed, your client could be injured or it may not last long. Sooner or later, you may have to invest in another one. Don’t take it lightly! Whatever table you choose, try to test it out yourself. Lie down and see if it feels comfortable. Look for a reliable brand or manufacturer who offers a warranty should you need replacement parts or maintenance.


The frame of your massage table has a big role to play in durability and weight support. Wood and aluminum are common choices. Those made of hardwood like maple or birch last longer than frames made of pine wood. Bamboo is lightweight but firm and eco-friendly. Some fabrics stands up to tougher conditions more than others. Leather lasts long but new synthetic fabrics are softer, easier to clean and environmentally safe. Make sure the hinges are strong and don’t collapse easily.

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