How to Manage Pain with Massage Therapy

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If you’re looking for an effective way to manage and eliminate your pain, you may want to consider massage therapy. Professional massages by experts can help in several ways: 

  1. You will be first assessed by a highly trained physical therapist to determine the exact cause of your pain. They will get to the root of the problem and choose the right technique of massage for you. Professional physiotherapists recognize that every patient is unique and provide treatment based on the underlying causes of the conditions to eliminate your symptoms from the roots.
  2. A good massage will allow increased blood flow, which helps hasten the healing process. A massage therapist will work and manipulate your muscles boosting blood flow to the affected areas of your body that need treatment. This is especially helpful if you are sore from excessive physical activity. 
  3. You will feel happier and a lot less anxious after a massage. The right techniques generate increased endorphin levels which not only reduce your pain, but also help you feel a lot better, happier and healed.
  4. When you’re in pain, you will not be able to move comfortably. This can result in limited mobility because of muscle tension. Massaging the affected areas will decrease tension and allow you to increase muscle flexibility. 

There are several forms of massage therapy so it can be difficult choosing the right one. You need to consider the level of your pain and treatment preferences to decide between trigger point myotherapy, Swedish massage or deep tissue massage, among others. 

Each form of massage applies to different techniques. For example, trigger point myotherapy involves alternating levels of pressure on the specific areas that cause pain. The massage therapist concentrates on a specific area and uses their knuckles, fingers or elbows to apply the right amount of pressure. 

If you’re looking for a massage that focuses more on relaxation, then a Swedish massage may be a better option. This type of massage applies gentle force to the affected area to release tension, relieve your pain and help you relax. 

Oils are used in addition to hand pressure to promote the best results. A deep tissue massage is similar but a lot more pressure is applied to release knots and relieve you of your pain.  

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