How To Keep Your Salon Furniture And Equipment Working Like New?

Salon Chairs Vancouver

If you are a salon stylist or owner, it is imperative that you maintain high-quality salon equipment. With a wide variety of items in any salon, maintenance can become a tricky task. Here are some simple tips that can help you take the pressure off and ensure that you are in a well-maintained salon. 


Accidents happen – colour spills, and dye may transfer occasionally – but it’s critical that you and your staff clean-up the stains immediately and follow up with the cleaning instructions included in the product’s manual. It is recommended to first test out cleaning applications on the bottom of chairs to prevent viewable damage. 

Barber Chairs

You should regularly check the screws on all chairs in the salon to ensure that everything is in place and nothing is coming loose. You should also keep chairs out of direct sunlight, and extreme heat or cold as a preventative measure for discolouration, and material hardening. To maintain the structural integrity of the chairs, you should always cover the chair when working with hair colour and wipe the chair often. 

Manicure Tables 

To prevent scratches and burns, you should avoid putting tools and appliances on wood surfaces. Cleaning wood surfaces with a gentle wood cleaner will ensure that it does not become damaged, and brings out its shine. In addition, wipe the small, closing drawers gently to increase the longevity of the table. For stone services, keeping up with maintenance, such as sealing, will guarantee longevity. 

Shampoo Bowls and Pedicure Station 

Shampoo bowls and pedicure stations should be regularly cleaned and sanitized. However, you should avoid using bleach as they can negatively affect the seal and the structure of the bowl/station. 

Hair Steamers and Dryers 

To ensure that your hair steamers continue to work and perform well, you should always use water. Cleaning the dryer and steamer hoods regularly will prevent any cracking that can occur.

A natural guide to cleaning spills: 

  1. Mix one-half cup of baking soda with five cups of water 
  2. With a cloth, test the mixture under a chair 
  3. If it does not disrupt or cause any damage, use the mixture to clean tables and chairs.

For tough stains, a stronger mixture may be required:
1. Pour baking powder and lemon juice into a bowl to make a paste.
2. Apply the mixture to sticky/stained areas of chairs and leave it on the chair for several minutes.
3. Wipe the mixture away.
4. Repeat the process until stickiness/stain is cleared. 

To clean the sink:
You should use two parts liquid detergent and four parts of water. You should allow the mixture to sit before rinsing. 

Ultimately, the best way to keep your salon furniture clean is by preventative maintenance. By keeping a clean environment and being mindful about where tools are being kept, the salon owner and stylists can get the most use of their valued equipment. For all of your salon equipment needs, Prota Beauty carries top quality products that are complemented with low prices.

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