Essential Salon Equipment to Attract Modern Clients

Salon Equipment

When a new client walks into a salon, the first thing they notice is the layout – whether it’s appealing and stylish or outdated and unkempt. The first impression is key for inviting customers in, make them comfortable and increase the likelihood of them returning to your salon. That’s why modern, attractive equipment is so important. They can have your clients recommending your salon everywhere they go, to everyone they meet.


Satisfying your customers’ needs goes beyond friendly staff and quality services. This is why we’ve put together a list of the key essentials your salon needs to attract modern clients.

Styling Stations

As much as the interior design of a salon matters, your customers will ultimately be spending all their time at your styling station. That is why the station needs to reflect a modern and stylish look and store the best equipment. The chairs that your customer is seated on should be both comfortable and stylish so that those who are seated for a few hours are relaxed right through.

Top Quality Mirrors

Mirrors should be a salon’s top priority. Choosing the right one can make a world of a difference to your clients. Whether the mirrors you choose are rectangular, oval-shaped or square, they need to be pristine, large and well placed to allow the client a good view of the result of their styling treatment. It’s important to have high-quality lights either over, on or right beside each styling station’s mirror to allow your client a proper view of the treatment results.

Clean and Organized

Clients take note of a workstation that isn’t clean, organized and visually attractive as they are seated for a certain period with their eyes on it. Install cabinets with several drawers for storage and maintain a clean working environment for every new client. Do not have any clutter lying around. Make sure the styling station is properly maintained.

Add Perks

Salons are constantly incorporating new tools to appeal to customers and keep them entertained while they’re getting their hair or nails done. To give your salon a more modern and attractive appeal to clients, install televisions, decorative flower pieces and offer beverages or snacks. This is a sure way to impress clients and make them feel special.

Incorporate perks that will impress your clients such as a facial steamer, electric massage beds or a modern hair styling tool with the newest technology.


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