Consider these 3 Things Before You End the Relationship with your Beard

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Fuzz on the face is the mark of a man. Many grow a beard to define their macho side. Others use to hide their skin from the world or sharpen the contours of their face to give it more character. If you’ve had a long, happy relationship with your bear for a while, but are contemplating a “divorce” now, hear what we have to say before you take the plunge.

Better Half

A beard is like a high maintenance relationship that literally grows on you. At first, it may take some time to adjust to, but after a while, it may become your better half that stays loyally by your side through thick and thin. Your beard can balance out your best features and hide skin blemishes that shaving tends to expose. Well defined beards can give a rough edge to men with round faces or weak chins, for instance.

Tender, Loving Care (TLC)

A well-pruned beard needs tender, loving care and maintenance to keep it a cut above. Just as your skin needs routine treatment to keep it healthy, your face-fuzz needs frequent pampering to keep it in good shape. 

Invest in good quality products. There are beard oils, balms, skin serum, combs and brushes to moisturize and keep the strands flake-free and soft. If you have a new beard, a light oil-based moisturizer keeps it silky smooth and clean. Beard oil works better than a balm to absorb into your skin. Use a beard brush to distribute the oil uniformly into the strands. A utility balm with a higher viscosity than oil is a good choice to hydrate a well-endowed beard or for those with dry skin. It keeps stubborn flyaways in place. Use a mild stylish agent to hold it firmly in place around the edges.

Happy Ending

Planning to shave it off still? We understand. Just be kind because breaking free may come with a lot of emotions. At first, you may feel vulnerable, “exposed” and alone. Once you are adjusted to the freedom from the fuzz, make sure you invest in razor-burn and dry-skin remedies to keep your skin glowing with good health. 

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