Choose the Right Massage Table for Your Practice

Right Massage Table

Is it time to replace your massage table? Or maybe you are just starting your career out, and you are looking to buy your first one. Whatever the case, you should know where to begin. To start, it is crucial to understand the different massage table characteristics and their purposes. These are some of the features, trade-offs, costs, benefits and other factors like quality, durability and performance, to help you recognize which massage table is right for you. 



Will there be a huge relationship between the price and the quality of a massage table?

Yes, there is always a direct relationship between what you pay and the quality of the massage table you purchase. Building a high-quality table means having a well-planned design, using the best materials, and being constructed using skilled workmanship. In order to get cost savings for their customers, companies will compromise on the material and artistry of the design. The differences in the quality of the table can be affected greatly, and it can also translate to the experience of you and your clients when using any particular table. 

What table should I get to grow my practice and keep my clients coming back? 

In order to get a successful practice off the ground, you will need to provide every one of your clients with an experience that makes them want to come back for more. All the parts of a therapist’s work, from their unique techniques to the comfort and safety of their equipment, will leave an impression on the client, either good or bad. Having an unstable, uncomfortable, or squeaky table will definitely bring down a customer’s experience. 

If your client, who might become a regular, chooses not to come back, then this could compromise hundreds or even thousands in potential earnings lost. This is why purchasing a well-designed massage table of high quality is important and has a value other than their dollar amount. 

Safety and stability

How can I know whether or not a table is safe? A lot of companies will assign a weight capacity to their tables once they perform a variety of tests on their massage tables. The most significant of these tests are designed to reveal the table’s dynamic load capacity. This feature represents the capacity of the table withstanding dropped weight from a certain height. This simulates the effect of the table going through the rigorous movements that are involved with massage.

Will the stability of the table be part of my client’s experience?

From the client’s perspective, the stability of the table will give them confidence and feelings of safety. Feeling safe is a requirement of relaxing the sympathetic nervous system. Having a squeaky or shaky table can be very distracting and prevent your client from going into a state of relaxation. This noise can also bring about questions of whether or not the table is safe.