Ways to Increase Your Salon Business

If you own your own business, it’s always good to look for ways to help it increase profit. The same applies to salons. Salons greatly depend on client loyalty and the amount of walk-ins they get to their salon. So, in order to increase your client base and therefore your profit, here are some essential tips on how to do so:

Consider your hours of operation

You want to consider your hours of operation in order to accommodate the maximum number of clients during a business day. It’s evident that in the beauty business, most salons are not the typical 9 to 5 job. If your salon is in a metropolitan area, it should be open for most of the day. Usually the weekend and holiday hours are the same as other local retailers in the area.

Since most people are at work, the busiest time of day for salons is typically lunch hours and early evenings. You may also have to do other hours to accommodate for special events. For example, if you are doing a wedding job, you’ll have to be open earlier on certain mornings so that the bride is ready to go on time to the wedding.

By putting your hours of operation under consideration, you will be able to enhance your profits by being open at convenient times for your clients.

Come up with appropriate pricing

This is an important aspect in increasing your salon business. You want to make sure to have appropriate pricing for the services that you provide. If you set prices too high, you will limit the number of people who can afford them. If you set them too low, you will limit the profit potential and put your business at risk.

Some ways to set the appropriate price are to visit other salons in your target market, collect service menus and using them to competitively price your own services. But the three main factors to consider are:

  1. Labour and supplies
  2. Overhead (non labour expenses)
  3. Profit

Uphold a certain image

You want to show that your salon is a high quality one that is worth visiting. You do this through regular maintenance. This does not just include sweeping up hair clippings after a cut, or folding towels. You want to keep the salon looking and smelling fresh and clean at all times, regardless of heavy foot traffic and/or inclement weather.

A good way to do this is to either divide the daily maintenance tasks among the employees (vacuuming, taking out the trash, dusting counters, folding towels etc.) or, if your finances permit it, hire a maintenance crew to come in and handle everything.

Include retail products

Having retail products (hair products, hair styling tools, other beauty products etc.) can help make a significant increase in your profits. You have to establish the basics such as ordering the product, arranging it attractively on shelves throughout the store/reception area, keeping control of inventory and more.

But the best way to really attract customers in buying these products is to educate your employees on selling the products they use on their clients, make the products easily accessible and to sell a wide variety of them.

Gift certificate sales

Have an offer of gift cards or certificates as an extra way to generate some income during gift giving seasons such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Birthdays and more. This can ensure more traffic to your salon, and potentially create some new loyal clients in the process!

These are several of the tips that can help exponentially increase your salon business by bringing in more client traffic and profits.